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Package: mirage Description-md5: Description-sv: En snabb och enkel GTK bildvisare Mirage is ideal for users who wish to keep their computers lean while still having a clean image viewer.
Package: scribus-template Description-md5: Description-sv: additional scribus templates These templates are distributed in addition to the three example templates present in the main scribus package.
Package: git-gui Description-md5: Description-sv: snabbt, skalbart, distribuerat versionshanteringssystem (GUI) Git är ett populärt versionshanteringssystem designat för att hantera stora projekt med hastighet och effektivitet; Det används till många öppen källkodsprojekt av hög profil, mest noterbart är Linux-kärnan.Your goal is to guide a horde of penguins through a world full of obstacles and penguin traps to safety.Teg is a multiplayer game (it can be played across the internet) and it comes with a server, a gnome client and a robot.Webpage: t/ Package: kbibtex Description-md5: Description-sv: BibTeX-redigerare för KDE An application to manage bibliography databases in the BibTeX format.Org bindings for Mono CLI - URE type library Openoffice.It maintains a central editable list of categories, which can be used to help organise, for example, 'to do' list items and address book entries.when validation is switched on, MlView proposes an elements/attributes completion feature.Package: chronicle Description-md5: Description-sv: html RSS blog compiler This is a tool which will convert a directory of simple text files into a static html weblog, (or blog if you prefer).IMP, once installed, accesses mail over imap thus requiring little to no special preparations on the server on which mail is stored.Package: libghc6-uniplate-doc Description-md5: Description-sv: Documentation for uniform type generic traversals The Haskell Uniplate library abstracts over common traversals and queries riktiga online slot machine emulator ladda ner in a simple manner allowing the user to scrap their boilerplate code.This package contains the arch-independent files in /usr/share.Detta är ett metapaket som pekar på det senaste abrowser-paketet för din distribution.Package: libass4 Description-md5: Description-sv: library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering SubStation Alpha (SSA) is a subtitle file format that allows more advanced subtitles than the conventional SRT and similar formats.Package: libghc6-language-c-doc Description-md5: Description-sv: Documentation for Haskell Library.Package: cdcd-dbg Description-md5: Description-sv: command line or console based CD player (debug) cdcd works in two bästa gratis slot maskiner bonusar utan nedladdning ways, accepting commands directly off the command line or in a query mode similar to other unix programs.NnReady to play online against other players?Package: ruby1.9.1-examples Description-md5: f8048bc94c fee5353b32 Description-sv: Exempel för Ruby.9 This package provides example programs about Ruby.9.1.Debugger at your finger tips: The basic debugger functions (step, next, run, finish, until, set/clear/enable/disable breakpoint) are bound to function keys F5 through F10.