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Do No Harm Mission Glitch, the problem: After you start the Do No Harm Mission, youre asked to knock the Eridium shard out of Zeds patient.
This will cancel the Berserk prematurely.
Fake until proved otherwise, dLC Rumor.
Each stack adds 2 to the amp multiplier, so after the first stack it's 2x, then 4x, then 6x etc.Here is a video guide showing you how to do the Borderlands 2 infinite money trick with help of a (good) friend.Later, you can play the Mission with a friend and have your friend complete this same Mission (if youre lucky without a hitch) and then it completes this Mission for you as well!On his 8th birthday.Sometimes the game will glitch out after you shoot down the chopper and leave the Airborne Marauders stuck sitting/standing in the air!This stack transfers between characters and so you can stack it indefinately by save continuing as much as you want.This will work for item duplication using a similar glitch, by dropping weapons, and then exiting entering game.Once it is, just wait or exit out of Berserk by going to the inventory and it will be set back to normal.The solution: If you were playing aussie video slots nedladdning av programvara solo and had the glitch on your character.Berserker Super Speed Glitch, you can use a Berserker class glitch to your benefit to move super fast in Borderlands 2!Next, youll be asked to take it to Tannis and talk to her and while Talk to Tannis is checked in the quest log, the game isnt saying what else needs to be done gratis gambling spel att ladda ner 4 blackberry 8520 to complete this Mission.Whenever you load into a game as host, you will recieve a bonus to your amp damage, but only on salvador's left hand.
This is a new glitch, discovered by Shadowevil1996 accidentally on stream.