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(See the above illustration.).
By default, Bars 1-3 are enabled horizontal and docked.
This feature makes playing more interesting and unexpected.
When you mount up, the mount page is automatically shown, when you dismount, you automatically switch to the "first page".There are currently 3 pages - one slot maskiner i texas 4 hyra with.Bars 4 and 5 must be enabled manually.The radial menu for a slot filled with an item also allows casting a spell on the item).These allow you to switch Quickslot pages.All winning combinations are paid according to pay table and from left to right only.Bars 4 and 5 don't change when you change pages and their state will not be saved/restored Only skills earned by leveling will be automatically shortcut for you for the non-current trait configurations.In particular, if an equippable item has an activated power, the only way to assign that power to a quickslot is to first drag the item to the slot, then use the radial menu to select the power.Free spin feature and other unique features and bonuses, together with breathtaking and well-designed theme, will make Spell of Odin casino slot machine one of your favorite games to play.Similarly, if an item's first power has subspell options, the first of these options is the one assigned to the quickslot.Wild symbol appears on reel 3 and substitutes for any symbol, except Scatter.Descriptions here are the defaults, and many can be changed in the "Options Panel / Key Mapping".If dragged onto a filled cell, the old content is normally overwritten; however, if the old assignment was to equip an item in one hand, and if the item being dragged can be equipped in the other hand, then the old content is merged instead.Quickslot Page, at the right end of the main Quickslot bar there are two vertical arrows with an icon in the middle.Sloth - Quickslot Helper, downloading Now.This part of the interface allows quick and easy access to a player's most common game actions; players can assign actions to a cell, then use that slot to activate that action, without needing to go through a radial menu at the time of activation.Specialization includes editing a custom text macro, selecting equip/unequip or a particular power for items, and selecting a subspell for slots that cause a spell with subspells to be cast.Enjoy playing Spell of Odin and other free video slots by 2by2 gaming at m for fun or for real and make a fortune by breaking the spell.Mounted combat skills automatically get shortcut (entered) into the mounted combat page (the Horse icon).