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09:49 robert * include/osg/Transform: Fixed docs on GL_scale_normal 09:45 robert * Make/makedefs, include/osg/Geode, include/osg/Group, include/osg/LOD, include/osg/PagedLOD, include/osg/ProxyNode, include/osg/Switch, src/osg/Geode.
Language-pack-az provides frequent translation updates, so you should install trasiga slots jackpot city this as well.
Move osgtexture3D across to using the new realize callback for creating its textures.
11:49 robert * include/osgViewer/Viewer, src/osgViewer/Viewer.Cpp: Reworked the state management within osgText:Text and osgText:Font so that it only applies textures locally rather than whole StateSet.As I've said before, this is kind of a hack and the variable wasn't really intended to be used in this way.12:18 robert * authors.18:47 robert * VisualStudio/t, From Mike Weiblen, "When launched, it creates a commandline slot maskinen strategi vinner veckan shell that is fully configured to support running OSG apps from the source tree filesystems." 18:35 robert * src/osgPlugins/ac3d/ac3d.cpp: From Geoff Michel, fix for handling of texture filenames enclosed in"s.Cpp: From Eric Wing, added support for outline/shadow and colour gradient effects.23:55 don * src/Demos/wxsgv/icons: Cleaning up binary commits - oops 23:52 don * doc/doc/osg/ml, doc/doc/osg/ml, doc/doc/osg/ml, doc/doc/osg/ml, include/osg/FrameStamp, src/osg/FrameStamp.H: Fixes for cygwin and mingw builds.Rgb * exp2(.0 This option is usefull for who have a outdate hardware like FX cards and want to do cool things.Package: libjpeg62-dbg Description-md5: fd6b3c1640c9bdde454 Description-gl: Ficheiros de desenvolvemento da biblioteca IJG de jpeg (versión.2) The Independent jpeg Group's jpeg library is a library for handling jpeg files.22:07 robert * Change the className functions from non const to const to be consistent with the osg:Object definition.15:12 robert * include/osg/Timer: Added getSecondsPerClick method to Timer.From Robert Osfield, refactor of above with original code to ensure backwards compatibility.Este paquete contén a localización do LibreOffice en francés.I propose using virtual methods; my plugin can then derive from osgDB:Output and represent Object hiearchy differently.
13:04 robert * Added a virtual keyword into the getData overrided methods.
20:36 robert * Turned off lighting.