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Item: Type: Provenance: Price, bYFW2, a good-sized and quite sturdy opaque black obsidian.
Dacite is not an easy material to work with, so this one has the signature of a very advanced, if not master knapper and despite it's somewhat asymmetrical appearance, this one is "all there" as it was first made and used.
Flaking is thorough to both (details to buyer) faces, although it does have slight ancient nicks to the barbs, tip and both corners of the base.
It's "almost" perfect with the exception of a small ancient dip to one edge at the centerline, which appears to have been caused by an overly aggressive pressure flake.Ex: Cockrell A very desirable item.It's well flaked on both faces with minute Churchill., NV 100.00 secondary pressure flaking along the curved cutting edge.Originally from Kearny NJ, Brendan is a second generation Irish craftsman whos roots reach back to County Cork, Ireland.OR 300.00 fine-grained Northern gratis slots machine katana Side Notched point.Trevor acts as shop foreman and continues his responsibilities in the field by heading up our installations. Her website.It has a highly unusual needle tip with good edge serrations not normally seen with this particular type, and was most likely used as a multi-purpose saw/perforator hafted tool Item: Type: Provenance: Price slgb20 A most interesting opaque black obsidian Personal find from.00 Humbolt.Priced accordingly Item: Type: Provenance: Price dafw665 An attractive horizontally banded Fort Rock,.00 obsidian hafted oval knife gratis slots spel ingen nedladdning för att spela uk blade/scraper.The basal stem is anciently broken off. We are currently located in a 5000 square foot plus facility in the North Palm Beach area. We offer a diverse number of options for your cabinetry needs.It's quite sturdy, made Humboldt.It has nice basal grinding as testimony to it's antiquity but the bottom of the base was snapped off in ancient times leaving a lateral shear mark to the bottom of the base.Behind the Scenes, linda Moore.(Photo 4) It has a spider bite to the tip, but is otherwise "all there" as it was made Item: Type: Provenance: Price FW10 An extremely worked-down gray Found.00 mouse obsidian Cascade blade which Napa., CA was converted to a probable Graver.
It has slight Lake.,.00 curvature from the host stone's original form and the flaking patterns are quite subdued from a combination of river polish and desert weathering.
Item: Type: Provenance: Price, gBFW34, a fairly nice obsidian Excelsior blade, recovered.00 showing percussion flaking to both.