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Most of the well-known books about Flash and AS3 are in there, but there are a few notable exceptions, like.
As a previous subscriber, I signed up again for one purpose, to download the entire "Perl Best Practices" book, which before I signed up I saw was available as a single pdf for 16 tokens.There's now quite a lot of books on game design and game development on the site!Psychologically, its difficult to convince myself to buy a copy of the newer version when the only difference is one new chapter but its on SBO, so I dont need.I dont have any books about Flash or AS3 on my bookshelf.Ill outline the less-obvious aspects of each: Bookshelf, pick ten books you want to read over the next month and theyre yours.When there are potentially thousands of books youd like to read, being told you can only access five of them for the next month is harsh.At time of writing, Bookshelf costs 23/month and Library costs 43/month (each has discounts if you buy a years subscription at once).When I started using Safari the interface was a bit clunky.Give the ten day trial a go first and see what you think.But then, Ive been spoilt by Safari Library Library I said that Bookshelf was awesome because you could search the entire text of one book.What makes Library so much better than Bookshelf is the way you can find information that you didnt even know you wanted.Maybe the safari books online service was under maintenance at that particular time, if so it would have helped to put up a message to indicate the same.So you can have one folder for books on AS3, one for web development, one for graphic design, and.Chris Crawford on Game Design were also added.Its fantastic; a really great introduction to basic design principles.If youve any questions, or you find some great gems on there you want to share, please post them in the comments below).For more than one persons use youll want m/Corporate/Index/ As you can probably tell, Im a big fan of the Library, but not quite so keen on the Bookshelf.This surprised me, so let me explain.The selection is pretty good; on the right you can see three of the books that came up in a search for ActionScript the one at the top hasnt even been published yet, but you can read it online.2 people have this question.Bookmarks allow you to keep your place anywhere in the book, and even tag the spot so its easier to find later but its not the same as sticking your thumb in the page and flicking back.
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