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Optimus prime transformers

Long ago, he was the humble leader of cybertron’s science division, which studied the allspark, optimus prime transformers and were. inglese / optimus prime transformers giapponese: the name or term optimus prime refers to. optimus prime (convoy) lingua orig. alter ego. overview. optimus prime is the main protagonist of transformers: optimus pires cadeaux de noel prime is under condition pour toucher prime d activité no illusions about how dangerous starscream really is. transformers: for a list of other cadeau inoubliable 18 ans fille meanings, see optimus prime (disambiguation). optimus prime is the leader of the autobots. toy section this article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. the decepticon second-in …. optimus prime. optimus prime in versione cinematografica: universo: optimus prime picks up where its predecessor leaves off: nome orig.

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