mills slot machine värde blue bell

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Mills - 1 cent Slots 1934 - Chevron, very nice all original.S/N Coin:5 cent Item # gratis nedladdningsbara spel slot 2013 M05-2036 Price: Jewel Bell New reel strips - nice original.S/N Coin:5 cent Item # M05-2024 Price: Token Bell Nice original S/N Coin: 5 cent Item # M05-2025 Price: Buckley Criss Cross Guaranteed Jackpot.50 S/N Coin: 5 cent Item # M05-2026 Price: QT Well done restoration.S/N Coin:25 cent Item # M25-2025 Price: Castle Front This slot has some repo parts.Technical information, picture :.The PAU-PAU, the klondyke and the OWL followed and in 1897 his son Herbert.S/N Coin:10 cent Item # M10-2010 Price: Jewel Bell Nice original with new reel strips and original coin box.Repo back door and lock - new award card.15 x 16 x 26 95# S/N - n/a Coin:25 cent Item # M25-2028 Price: High Top Guaranteed Jackpot S/N Coin:25 cent Item # 245 Price: 2150 Mills - 50 cent Slots 1946 - Golden Falls All original - new awrd card and hand load.S/N Coin:50 cent Item # M50-2002 Price: Page Boy New cabinet - fish mouth S/N - n/a Coin:50 cent Item # M50-2004 Price: 4750 Mills.00 - dollar slots Item # Price: Item # Price: Mills Matched Set Specials 1933 - Black Cherry All four.Nations Attic, call / Text, mills Novelty Company - Page.As stated in the book: One of its screws is barely accessible and requires a 12-Inch long screwdriver.