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Then look through the kan du spela spelautomater online för riktiga pengar crate at the back of the office and find the morphine.
Numbers Operation Merlon Ottie 's office is up the stairs.
Inspecting it, choose the trumpet muffler to get the.
Go to the suitcase and grab the trumpet mute (bottom right open it and you will find Numbers Racket.Lenny Finkelstein Involvement of 'Ottie' Lie Distributor identified Link to Ramez Removals Doubt Use the gamewell next to your parked car to get address of Ramez Removals, then head over to the Numbers Operation.Be sure to keep examining them as they come up to update the information in your notebook.Next to the mute there is a Blue Room Pass, turn it around and a new.O.I.Your job is to track the morphine back to the supplier gratis slot nerladdningar spel 2013 and bring them down.After that, chase and subdue Ramez in a shootout.Go inside and check the block of ice.Successful interrogation adds Finkelstein identified to the list of evidence.The FM number sequence is the red line at the bottom.Follow the water to the back of the warehouse and climb the ladder up to the crane.Roy Earle "it's up the stairs, Detectives.Archie Colmyer, the Black Caesar is a, vice case in,.A.Look in the records book and tap on "Polar Bear" and "Merlon".Don't forget to pick up the newspaper here too.Go inside to look for clues.Strange doodle, tip : Throughout the case, you'll keep coming across morphine syrettes.Use the crane to pick up a box to clear the entrance to the room, which looks like a white square structure with refrigeration units on top.Walkthrough, junkie's Apartment Crime Scene "They really picked a prize shithole for our first date.".This will allow shooting the ice block and checking on the morphine.
Climb the stairs; it goes into to a cutscene where afterward you have to shoot Lenny the Fink.