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What conclusion can be drawn from the above?
Keno wasnt my casino game of choice.
A lucky winner can be expected only once in 8,911,710 plays.
Again I min online casino no deposit bonus went to work.I started working with spreadsheets thinking that they could make the process easier.I didnt realize it at that moment (I was so excited) but that win was going to take my Four Card bästa slot maskiner i las vegas youtube Keno game to the next level.Those two cards were winners too just not as big. .Although this is an extreme example, it proves the point that percent return shouldn't be the one-and-only consideration when evaluating a casino game to play.And once in awhile I would hit something.The first game is the Cleopatra Keno version as shown in the example above which returned.26.Obviously hitting on two cards was due to having some common numbers.I couldnt believe.Play, fREE online games!The Dr Keno software permits simulation runs of up to one slot maskinen ringsignal dominos billion games. Thats frowned upon in the video poker world.For example, if there had been one more winning game (two instead of one) the final percent return would have risen to 178.23.And all the time I kept thinking there was a better way even though everything that I read said that Four Card Keno was just a game of luck.Then one day I was testing a spreadsheet for various five spot numbers and I saw a pattern that was common between them.Note how 9 numbers were played in a specific manner to make a 7 spot win like this possible.So the paytable for Pick 10 would show zero payoff for 1 through 9 numbers caught and a very large payoff for catching 10 out.With a low number of winning games and a high payoff per win, the percent return can be expected to vary considerably from one simulation to the next.