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Will, at its option, either repair or online spel blackjack live replace products that prove to be defective in material or workmanship.
During warranty period lifebelt, Inc.
THE purchaser'S sole remedy AND THE limit OF lifebelt, INC.'S liability FOR ANY loss whatsoever shall NOT exceed THE purchaser'S price OF THE product(S).Product(s) purchased will be free from defect in material and workmanship.Product(s) be used in any unauthorized manner as delineated herein, the purchaser will indemnify and hold lifebelt, Inc., its officers, directors, agents, employees, assigns or the like, harmless form any and all liability or damage whatsoever out of the use of the products(s) in such.We will notify you if any item cannot be shipped within 30 days.In particular, but not exclusively, lifebelt, Inc.This warranty does no cover loss or damage to batteries or removable parts.THE determination OF suitability OF products TO THE specific needs OF THE purchaser IS solely THE purchaser'S responsibility.IN addition, in the event of the purchaser is required to indemnify or hold lifebelt, Inc.Items ordered together are not necessarily shipped together.We DO NOT accept orders nor do we ship outside the United States.This warranty shall terminate, be void and be of no further force and effect at the time the product is 1) damaged by extraneous cause such as fire, water, power surge, lightning, etc., or not maintained in accordance the accompanying documentation; 20 modified; 3) improperly.Harmless, the purchaser shall pay all of lifebelt, Inc.'s attorney's fees and costs.
Recognizes that certain operators of vehicles may not appreciate the significance and safety of the product(s) slot maskin spel titta på online gratis and may attempt to override its effectiveness.
Specifically disclaims any liability for such operators and encourages the purchaser herein to educate all operators regarding the attributes of the product(s) and the ramifications of engaging in conduct which violates the warranty herein.